I get interesting emails all the time. As part of the Cannabis Industry I think it’s par for the course. So when an email showed up with the title “Cannabis and Sex Survey” I just had to open it.

StrainPrint is the self proclaimed leader in demand-side cannabis data and analytics. This past Valentine’s Day they sent a survey to all their users asking how cannabis affected their sex life. Within twenty-four hours 1,400 people had responded.

The results were interesting. Anything having to do with sex is interesting. The simple conclusion the survey revealed was that people like to use cannabis when having sex. Shocking…not really!

Nearly all of those surveyed (75%) said that they use cannabis to enhance their sex life. The majority of which use cannabis to achieve better orgasms. Most don’t use cannabis every time they have sex but instead say that they use it often.

A truly interesting part of the survey is that the majority of people (82%) said they don’t use cannabis for any other medical conditions. An even greater majority (87%) said they either strongly agree or agree that sex is better with cannabis. StrainPrint is an app that allows you to index the different strains you are using and how you react to them. It’s a cool guided questionnaire pre-ingestion and then an alert asking you how you feel several minutes after taking your medicine. 

Though if the survey is correct and most of StrainPrint’s users are hopping into bed for some light touching and play wrestling they may be distracted in answering the “how do you feel” question. 

The app is mostly used by cannabis consumers in Canada. So it is no surprise that joints are at the top of the list for consumption usage. My experience with Canadian consumption is that even before it was legalized flower was much easier to come by then oils and edibles.

Vape pens have fallen sharply, most likely due to the recent campaign against vaping.

It’s great that StrainPrint took the time to put this survey together. The title of the email got me to open it and that’s success right there.

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