This is not me and I can't do this...yet!!
This is not me and I can’t do this…yet!!

Bare with me while I brag. I have the greatest morning routine. I realize it’s possible that you have an amazing morning routine as well and I can respect that. I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Now let’s talk about me 😉

My guess is that half of you reading this are thinking “Oh My God! I can’t even get my kids to school before 7am” and the rest of you are like “Bitch! Please…I run five miles on top of your nonsense.”

Bravo to the latter and a word to those whose mornings are just the start of an out-of-control day: Baby Steps. Just like in the movie:

Take a moment for yourself. You’re entitle to it and you deserve it. It’s okay if it’s not two hours. Maybe it’s just a quiet coffee break. Maybe it’s time before going to bed. But take a moment for recovery. Then in awhile expand that time to include something you enjoy and something you want to accomplish.

Some people do jigsaw puzzles to relax. Some people go for a run. For me I wanted to find something that expanded both my knowledge and made me healthier. French and Yoga fit both of those criteria.

So what are you going to do that expands your knowledge and makes you healthier today?

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