The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 12

It was a magical night as we produced our greatest and last episode of the season with special musical guest Carrie and the Cats along with Protect Yo Heart and the chefs from Elated Elephants. We had another contest with audience members. Everyone had a fantastic time.   It's been such an incredible experience building this show. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 8

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 8 was a very special show as it was our first show dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Community. We had musical guest Bugz Gutta rapping about growing up gay. Our special guest for the night was porn star Paris. Our cooking segment was hosted by the incredible Miss Cissy Walken the 2019 50th Anniversary Miss Stonewall who prepared a delicious Italian dish for our audience. She teaches her own Italian cooking class in the city. 

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 7

Enjoy this archived episode of The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 7. We filmed this at the Ivy House in Bushwick Brooklyn. Shout out to the awesome crew there. Our musical guest for the evening was Pounds 448. We celebrated a birthday with audience member Phillip. The special guest for the evening was comedian The Honey Pot and the edible chef was Dookies The Real 420 Shit. As always we held a fun audience contest and a strain review.

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 6

In 2019, The Johno Show merged with I Bud You. So let's role back a couple of months to when we filmed the 6th episode of the fourth season of The Johno Show. It's louder and funnier than before.

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 4

Here we have episode 4 of season 4. It was so much fun. This was one of our first live studio audiences and one of our first performances at Ivy House in Brooklyn. We opened with musical guest Shinobi Ninja doing an acoustic performance. Johno does a strain review of Purple Punch. Our special guest for the evening was High Times Grow Editor Danny Danko. We all got to sample some delicious infused food from Chef Shamwow. And of course we all played Trivia.Check out this great video

The Johno Show season 4 Episode 3

It's always fun to go back and look at these old episodes. I find them a little cringe-worthy but they are still fun. I wouldn't even say we had a shoestring budget. We had no budget. So much has changed since filming this. I'm so excited for you all to see the pilot of the new show.  This was the third episode of season four of The Johno Show with musical guest Nelloluchi performing her song 3 AM. Our special guests were the chefs from Foody Fuego. They are local edible experts.

The Johno Show Season 4 Episode 2

Our friend Zooli was our special guest for the evening. I love stepping back to these older episodes of season 4. It's still so amazing to see the progression throughout this season. We had zero budget and still had an awesome episode. If you've watched later episode you'll notice this is filmed using Instagram Live. There is no editing and it's just Mario and I talking to the special guest. No musical guests and I don't even think we had an audience for this episode.